About Me - krusephoto
I'm Tim Kruse. This is one of only a few pictures I have from my high school and college days as a gymnast. It's not a very good picture but it's one I treasure. I have the usual collection of pictures standing in a uniform or in a group picture of a team, but anyone can put on the uniform and stand for a picture.

I believe that real sports pictures are taken between the white lines on the field of play. An athlete wants to remember what it was like to be in the game, not just in the uniform. I'm a retired businessman, I've had a career. This is my passion, not my job.  

Let me help you make some memories. I live in the Minneapolis, MN area and I specialize in youth athletics. I take sports action pictures for teams through an entire season, for one game, or of an individual athlete. You get to watch that special athlete perform while I take the pictures.

You can contact me by sending an email to tkruse69@me.com.